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When the Root Cause is Mold

With Ann Shippy M.D.
Hosted by Robyn Benson

Join physician and scientist, Ann Shippy, in her session, "When the Root Cause is Mold." She'll highlight how toxic mold is often a hidden cause of many illnesses. Fortunately, once sources are identified and addressed, it's possible to completely restore the body to health and vitality.

During this important session, you'll discover:

  • When to consider toxic mold as the root cause of your health issues
  • How to identify if you have mold toxins in your body
  • Steps to finding the source of the mold toxins
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Ann Shippy M.D.

Physician and Scientist

Dr. Ann Shippy creates extraordinary wellness using cutting-edge science, testing tools, and the latest genetic research to determine and treat root causes–not just the symptoms–of illness. When Dr. Shippy became frustrated that traditional medicine wasn’t able to solve her own health ailments, she left her 10-year career as an IBM engineer to adapt her skill-set to the world of medicine. Over the last 15+ years in medicine, Dr. Shippy has gained a considerable reputation for successfully diagnosing and treating patients, especially patients affected by mold. Dr. Shippy’s interests and areas of expertise include infertility and pregnancy, autoimmunity, neurology, gastrointestinal disorders, detoxification, behavioral health and mold toxicity. She is Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and Functional Medicine.