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Experts from EVERY field of health... in your very own Wellness Toolkit!

The 2018 Optimal Wellness Collection includes lifetime access to every recording and transcript from each session of the 2018 Winter of Wellness summit:

Downloadable MP3 Recordings of EVERY session in the 2018 Winter of Wellness series
PDF Transcripts of each session – to refer back to, follow directions, take notes on, highlight & more!
BONUS PACKAGE of exclusive teachings, including 7 videos, audios and ebooks!
Package Value: $500

As a 2018 Winter of Wellness participant, you’ll receive free access to every LIVE session, and all the replays for 48 hours following their broadcast.

However, you can own all the recordings - plus transcripts! - of all the summit's diverse teachers and their expert wellness tips – all in one collection for you to refer to throughout the year (and keep those resolutions you just made!).

You’ll have every teaching – from fat-burning tips to herbal remedies to energy medicine techniques to reflexology exercises to cutting-edge bioscience to Ayurvedic healing practices and more! – at your fingertips so you can focus on each area of your body, mind, heart and soul as an integrated whole.

PLUS you’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS to these BONUSES when you upgrade!:

The Plant Medicine Vital Health Collection

Enjoy this specially curated collection of exciting interviews with top plant medicine practitioners and teachers, and integrate powerful teachings into your everyday life.

  • Dr. Vasant Lad - “Ayurveda: The Science of Life”
  • David Crow - “Medicinal Plants and Spiritual Evolution”
  • Nadine Artemis - “Holistic Oral Care”
  • David Crow - “The Nature of Prana”
  • Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa - “Natural Home Remedies”
  • David Crow - “The Healing Power of Roses”

Nine Energy Systems

Streaming Video with Donna Eden

The body’s energy anatomy is as intricate and multi-layered as its physical anatomy...

In The Nine Energy Systems, Donna Eden has categorized this complexity into nine primary, interrelated energy systems. All nine of these systems work together to determine the state of health we experience at all levels of our beings.

The nine primary energy systems she addresses include: Meridians, Chakras, the Aura, Radiant Circuits, Triple Warmer, the Celtic Weave, the Five Rhythms, Electrics and the Basic Grid.

This engaging video offers a closer look at all nine of these important systems and suggests ways you can help to keep them in balance.

Master Mindset: Making health changes without lifting a finger (dumbbell or fork)

Audio program from Debra Atkinson

Debra Atkinson shares client stories, research studies and practical tips to help you use your past experiences to increase your future success. You’ll learn to prevent self-sabotage and adopt new health habits with greater success and less struggle. Discover:

  • How to prime your mind & plan for successful change
  • Strategies for identifying the reasons you resist change
  • Ways to assess prior failures for future wins

Heal Breast Cancer Naturally: 7 essential steps to beating breast cancer

Ebook from Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with breast cancer despite your healthy lifestyle? Despite eating organic foods, exercising regularly and engaging in wellness modalities such as massage and chiropractic care? Have you asked yourself how someone like you who practices consistent self-care can develop breast cancer? That very question led Dr. Desaulniers to thousands of hours of research, study, soul-searching and prayer. In this important ebook, she shares her discoveries, “The 7 Essentials” – seven basic steps that can prevent and heal cancer and other “dis-ease.”

I’ve Been Exposed to Mold – What Now?

Downloadable PDF guide from Jill Carnahan

Mold can have serious effects on one’s health, and most people don’t know what to do when they’ve been exposed. In Jill’s guide, you’ll discover the resources you need to recover from mold exposure.

The 7 Steps to Healing Childhood Emotional Trauma and Building Resilience

Ebook and personal assessment from Niki Gratix

The personal assessment contained in Niki’s highly-informative ebook will reveal your Adverse Childhood Event (ACE) score. Niki helps you understand the prevalence and impact of ACEs on a person’s health over a lifetime. You’ll discover the mechanisms by which your childhood biography becomes your adult biology... and learn how apply “The 7 Steps to Healing Childhood Trauma and Building Resilience.”

Be Fabulous At Any Age

Ebook from Dr. Robyn Benson

Did you know that you can fabulous at any age? You will be wowed by the incredible content in this publication from thirteen experts in the aging and wellness world. It is possible to feel 10+ years younger, and to reverse the aging process with a whole foods, earth-based diet, eliminating indoor pollution and observing and shifting your thoughts. Read this book and open to infinite strategies on how to reduce stress while cultivating soaring self-esteem and giving each and every cell in your body life-promoting nutrition and love.

Top 11 Self-Care Wellness Rituals

Ebook from Dr. Mariza Snyder

In this comprehensive ebook, Dr. Mariza describes the 11 daily rituals she practices to create mindfulness and maintain balance in her life. She offers ways to use essential oils daily for optimal mood, energy and hormone support... and explains how to use oils to enhance yoga, meditation, green smoothies, sleep & more! This book contains 9 essential oil recipes – including diffuser blends, green smoothie recipes and personal care rituals.

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With this invaluable toolkit you can turn to time and again, you’ll own the essential teachings and key practices for your optimal health and wellness:

Healing with Energy Medicine

  • Reconnect your body, mind, & soul with the power of Chinese reflexology
  • Practice Reiki to quickly relieves stress, pain, and anxiety, & enhance self-healing resilience
  • Live into your full potential with the Energy Codes
  • The "quantum flip" of energy medicine: move beyond healing
  • Discover how your feet reveal your body’s messages for amazing healing, intentional living, & greater joy

Botanical Medicine: Plants, Herbs & Aromas

  • Enjoy psycho-spiritual health with flower essences, essential oils, & plant-based rituals
  • Learn the safest oils to apply on specific points on the body to bring serenity & peace of mind
  • Discover which herbs & supplements are best for common hormone symptoms
  • Learn how superherbs and medicinal mushrooms positively impact immunity & vitality
  • Use medicinal recipes using bee products to make at home

Discover the Best Food for YOUR Body

  • Eat foods that balance your hormones & maintain a resilient, vibrant body
  • Avoid foods that aggravate irritable bowel syndrome
  • Identify the type and timing of your food intake to achieve your optimal weight & energy
  • Maintain your highest brain function through your diet
  • Drink camel milk to help prevent cancer & diabetes
  • Learn how to discover hidden food allergies & sensitivities

Overcome Fatigue & Increase Your Vitality

  • Connect to the healing power within you to create a new relationship with your body
  • Regain energy without stimulants
  • Beat fatigue with the Biofield Healing ImmersionTM Method
  • Double the size of your “cellular engine” – the energy-producing engine in your cells
  • Maintain energetic boundaries so you’re not drained by others
You can lock in lifetime access to the insights, tools and resources from 45 of today’s leading doctors, practitioners, healers and experts...
Package Value: $500

Got questions? Our experts have answers for you!

Do you find yourself asking the following questions? We hand-picked the most highly respected teachers from diverse areas within the health and healing fields to provide you with the exact information you’re looking for...

Q: Are you disillusioned with dieting and looking for nutrition that works best for YOUR body?
Q: Are you interested in exploring Energy Medicine and how it can help you achieve optimal health?
Q: Are you looking for breakthrough treatments for chronic pain, inflammation, and illness?
Q: Are you curious about cutting-edge bioscience and the role your genes play in your health?
Q: Are you interested in discovering how toxicity in you and your environment may be the culprit to what’s ailing you?
Q: Are you looking for sustainable solutions to relieve stress?
Q: Are you looking for actual recipes that can heal your gut, burn fat and eliminate wrinkles?
Q: Are you looking for complementary or alternative treatments for anxiety and depression?
Q: Are you curious about the hype around our cherished honeybees?
Q: Are you seeking revolutionary food choices that are in harmony with the planet?

Receive answers to your questions – and so many more! – with your 2018 Optimal Wellness Collection.

You’ll get unlimited access to this professional expertise in topic areas where our speakers have devoted their lives to researching, studying, and developing – distilled just for you!

So, if you desire a fully integrated approach to whole-body health that’s easy and accessible, get this exclusive collection – and make an invaluable investment in yourself, your family, and your community.

What past Winter of Wellness
participants have to say...

When we first launched Winter of Wellness, we knew the importance of health and wellbeing, but we had no idea what an impact the series would have. Attracting more than 100,000 participants from more than 140 countries – the response has been profound.


Here are just a few of the hundreds of comments we’ve received:

EXTREMELY well done. Very good moderation and information. Offered in easily integrated way.

– Steven W. Evans, Hawaii, U.S.

I was especially touched by the host Dr. Robyn Benson, an extremely sensitive woman with a voice carried by energy and joy, and very pertinent and respectful comments and questions.

– Ann Robitaille, Quebec, Canada

I gained tons of info from the Winter of Wellness, including not only physical and mental health but also environmental health. I also enjoyed sessions on relationships, growth and creativity.

– Alyssa

Enjoyed the enormous diversity. Feel enlivened and optimistic about my ability to create more vibrancy in my life.

— Dorien Israel, Thailand

WOW — well named! The speakers I was able to listen to blew me away with their knowledge and generosity.

— Lorraine R., U.S.

Here’s what You’ll Receive:

The 2018 Optimal Wellness Collection


The 2018 Optimal Wellness Collection includes instant access (after broadcast) to all recordings and transcripts of every session from Winter of Wellness.

Downloadable MP3 Recordings of EVERY session in the 2018 Winter of Wellness series
PDF Transcripts of each session – to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, highlight & more!
BONUS PACKAGE of exclusive teachings via video, audio and ebooks – (7 Bonuses!)
Package Value: $500


When you upgrade today, your purchase is backed by our complete money-back guarantee. If for any reason at any time within 60 days you decide The 2018 Optimal Wellness Collection is NOT right for you, just visit our Customer Service Center at, and request a refund. We will refund your money completely.

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