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The Optimal Wellness Collection 2019

Experts from EVERY field of health... in your very own Wellness Toolkit!

The Winter of Wellness Toolkit gives you the opportunity to receive lifetime access to: receive lifetime access to:

Downloadable MP3 Recordings of EVERY session in the 2019 Winter of Wellness series
PDF Transcripts of each session — to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, highlight & more!
BONUS PACKAGE of 10 exclusive teachings, including a complete Shift Network 7-module course with Dawson Church and much more!
Package Value: $500

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Experts from EVERY field of health... In Your Very Own Wellness Toolkit!

You can own all the recordings — plus transcripts! — of all the 2019 Winter of Wellness diverse teachers and their expert wellness tips — all in one collection for you to refer to whenever you like.

You’ll have every teaching — from fat-burning tips... to herbal remedies... to energy medicine techniques... to reflexology exercises cutting-edge bioscience Ayurvedic healing practices and more! — at your fingertips so you can focus on your body, mind, heart, and soul as an integrated whole.

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Your Happiness Genes: Harnessing the Power of Energy Psychology & Epigenetics for Your Health & Wellbeing

7-Module Audio Course by Dawson Church

Are you ready to access the best holistic practices for optimal health, stress reduction, and increased happiness — practices that are easy to apply and don’t rely on expensive medical interventions?

In this course with Dawson Church, you’ll discover simple, proven methods that unlock the potential of your genes for true emotional, energetic, and biological health. He’ll show you how to take control of your biology and create the healthy and vibrant life you desire by “turning on” the positive potential of your genes.



Healing with Qigong Package

Video Recordings from Effie Chow, Mingtong Gu, and Daisy Lee

Discover how Qigong energy healing can shift stress, increase happiness, and amplify your life force! Enjoy this curated collection of some of our favorite sessions from last year’s Qigong Global Summit. Sessions include:

  • Miracles of Qigong & Traditional Chinese Medicine: Its history, future, science & art with Effie Chow
  • Wisdom Healing Qigong for Health and Happiness with Mingtong Gu
  • Radiant Lotus Qigong: A health and empowerment practice for women with Daisy Lee

Note: The videos are streaming only. They are not downloadable

Your Healing Power Mix: Best of 2018

Audio Recordings from The Energy Medicine & Healing Summit, The Dreamwork Summit, The Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Summit, and The Shamanism Global Summit

This compilation contains some of our favorite and most potent sessions from some of our most loved wellness-oriented summits of 2018. Sessions include:

  • Angels of Mercy: Healing with dreams and the imagination with Wanda Burch
  • The Art of Holding Space for the Integrity of the Healing Process with Dr. Crystal Jones
  • Prevent Injuries and Adverse Reactions with Education and Respect for Essential Oils with Nyssa Hanger & Sylla Sheppard-Hanger
  • Partnering with Our Ancestors for Personal, Family, and Cultural Healing with Dr. Daniel Foor

Youthful Aging: The 5 Pathways to Amplifying your Life

Ebook by Robyn Benson

Are you ready to STOP degenerating and BEGIN regenerating naturally? 

Learn the science behind Dr. Robyn Benson's ART (Amplified Regenerative Therapies) and begin to regenerate your whole life.  Align with your body's brilliance and celebrate a life of youthful aging!

Clearing the Energy of Others From the Past & Present to Make Room for Your Divine Self: Guided audio healing

Audio download by Wendy De Rosa

Are you feeling energetically overloaded lately? Sensitive people do feel and often pick up the energy around them... but there's a deeper intelligence behind this. Taking on the energy of others around you is mirroring what needs to be cleared within you and what aspects of your Divine Self need to be seen. Consciousness is rising on the planet in a way that is triggering your True Self to come out from hiding and emerge. The world needs you to actualize your light and gifts. However, you may need to clear out the wounds, blocks, and excess energy toxins in your body to allow your light to shine.

This guided healing takes you on a deep inner journey to clear what blocks you from your true essence and who you are here to be. You’ll be guided into a profound energy clearing to release the energy of others and allow your Divine Self its true radiance.

Affirmations, Grounding & Energizing Your Chakras

Ebook and 2 audio meditations from Dimple Bindra


111 Affirmations To Boost Power of Your Mind!

Did you know that your subconscious mind makes up approximately 90% of your total mind power? If you’ve been struggling to remove negative thinking or habits from your daily life and you’d like to create the things you truly want and desire... download this ebook and discover how to reprogram your subconscious mind and boost your mind power today.

How To Calm Your Mind Down By Grounding

Grounding is a particular type of coping strategy that's designed to "ground" you in the present moment. In this meditation, you’ll discover a method to help you get out of your head and away from upsetting thoughts, memories, or feelings. At the end of the meditation, you’ll experience calm, reduced stress, increased emotional and mental clarity, heightened feelings of peacefulness and increased energetic awareness, and improved health.

Color Meditation To Awaken Your Chakras

Colors have been used for centuries to heal our bodies. This chakra healing meditation will take you on a relaxing journey that cleanses and restores energy to your chakras, while bringing your entire energy system into a state of harmony and balance.

Inside Out: Cultivating your inner voice

Streaming audio & downloadable workbook by Sue Morter

From deep in our core, or from the back of our minds, a voice of wisdom arises — a gut feeling or a hunch. Sometimes it conflicts with what our logical mind dictates, and often it’s overridden... pushed to the background. When we hear this intuitive voice and suppress it, we usually regret it... However we repeat the same process again and again, because we don't know how to empower that voice.

In this recording, you’ll discover:

  • How to cultivate the small inner voice
  • Methods for finding your inner voice, for breathing life into and through it & putting it to action
  • That personal power is your destiny... carve your path with Grace.

Note: This audio is streaming only. It is not downloadable

Spice Up Your Gut Health

Streaming Video and Printable PDF by Kitty Wells

“All disease begins in the gut.” While Hippocrates said that centuries ago, modern science is proving this wisdom with revolutionary research. Whether you’re maintaining or regaining health of your gut, discover how spices support digestion, modulate your microbiome, help repair leaky gut, and contribute to your greater wellbeing.

Note: This audio is streaming only. It is not downloadable

Healing What Hurts

Streaming video by Sonya Sophia

During this guided hour of tapping time with EFT expert Sonya Sophia, you'll experience the healing power of love. Using the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) can help you heal what’s been hurting, physically or emotionally.

This hour-long tap-along video of the World Tapping Circle’s weekly broadcast supports those new to EFT and those already familiar with its potent ability to help recover peace, restore health, and clear emotional distress.

Note: This video is streaming only. It is not downloadable

Two Life-Changing Practices For Creating Deeper Love In Your Life

Audio downloads by Ken Page

This free gift includes two powerful exercises — The Inner Mentor Process: A powerful and simple exercise for transformation and healing and Relishing Your Buddha Moments: A micro-meditation — for creating deeper love and deeper joy in your life with renowned psychotherapist and bestselling author Ken Page. Though these processes are simple, they are breathtakingly powerful. Discover your loving, wisdom-filled inner mentor and deepen your daily moments of inspiration through these guided audio meditations.

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With this invaluable toolkit you can turn to time and again, you’ll own the essential teachings and key practices for your optimal health and wellness:

Botanical Medicine: Plants, Herbs & Aromas

  • Enjoy psycho-spiritual health with flower essences, essential oils,  and plant-based rituals
  • Learn the safest oils to apply on specific points on the body to bring serenity and peace of mind
  • Discover which herbs and supplements are best for common hormone symptoms
  • Learn how super-herbs and medicinal mushrooms to positively impact immunity and vitality
  • Use medicinal recipes using bee products to make at home

Healing with Energy Medicine

  • Reconnect your body, mind, and soul with the power of Chinese reflexology
  • Practice Reiki to quickly relieves stress, pain, and ,anxiety — and enhance self-healing resilience
  • Live into your full potential with the Energy Codes
  • The "quantum flip" of energy medicine: move beyond healing
  • Discover how your feet reveal your body’s messages for amazing healing, intentional living, and greater joy

Discover the Best Food for YOUR Body

  • Eat foods that balance your hormones and maintain a resilient, vibrant body
  • Avoid foods that aggravate irritable bowel syndrome
  • Identify the type and timing of your food intake to achieve your optimal weight and energy
  • Maintain your highest brain function through your diet
  • Drink camel milk to help prevent cancer and diabetes
  • Learn how to discover hidden food allergies and sensitivities

Overcome Fatigue & Increase Your Vitality

  • Connect to the healing power within you to create a new relationship with your body
  • Regain energy without stimulants
  • Beat fatigue with the Biofield Healing ImmersionTM Method
  • Double the size of your “cellular engine” – the energy-producing engine in your cells
  • Maintain energetic boundaries so you’re not drained by others
You can lock in lifetime access to the insights, tools, and resources from 45 of today’s leading doctors, practitioners, healers, and experts...
Package Value: $500

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Got questions? Our experts have answers for you!

Do you find yourself asking the following questions? If so, we've hand-picked the most highly respected teachers from a number of diverse areas within the health and healing fields to provide you with the exact information (and trusted resources) you’re looking for...

Q: Are you disillusioned with dieting and curious about eating in a way that works for YOUR body?
Q: Are you interested in exploring Energy Medicine and how it can help you achieve optimal health?
Q: Do you want deeper relief (and healing!) from chronic pain, inflammation, or illness?
Q: Do you want to take control of your family’s health and contribute to the wellness of your community?
Q: Are you concerned that toxicity in your environment may be creating health challenges for you or your loved ones?
Q: Are you looking for proven techniques to improve your brain functions and mental focus?
Q: Are you looking for sustainable ways to relieve stress?
Q: Want simple and yummy recipes that can heal your gut, burn fat, and eliminate wrinkles?
Q: Are you looking for complementary or alternative treatments for anxiety and depression?
Q: Are you curious about EFT and how this simple technique can help you cultivate love?
Q: Do you want to make food choices that are in harmony with the planet?

Receive answers to your questions – and so many more! – with your Optimal Wellness Collection 2019.

You’ll get unlimited access to this professional expertise in topic areas that our speakers have devoted their lives to researching, studying, and developing — distilled down to easy-to-apply nuggets of wisdom just for you!

So, if you desire a fully integrated approach to whole-body health that’s easy and accessible, get this exclusive collection — and make an invaluable investment in yourself, your family, and your community.

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When we first launched Winter of Wellness, we knew the importance of health and wellbeing, but we had no idea what an impact the summit would have. Attracting more than 100,000 participants from more than 140 countries – the response has been profound.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of comments we’ve received:

EXTREMELY well done. Very good moderation and information. Offered in easily integrated way.

– Steven W. Evans, Hawaii, U.S.

The Winter of Wellness Summit is consistently top notch. I am left inspired and energized, with renewed hope for the future and faith in my fellow man. The speakers are phenomenal. What a treasure!
— Linda

I was very impressed with the diversity of fields presented and the balance overall. I am not new to many of these but still found new and very interesting information and techniques. I already feel healthier and am pursuing follow-up with some of the presenters. Thank you so much!
— Sherry, Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

I've been a WOW listener since its inception. It's always been cutting edge. With so many rapid advancements in wellness, every year is better, filled with even more health-invoking insights!

I'm so grateful for the very valuable info I was provided, which I can share with others as well to make a difference! It was definitely well worth my time! I highly recommend it to others. Thank you so much for all the efforts of everyone! Great job!
— Haidi, Schaumburg, Illinois

Enjoyed the enormous diversity. Feel enlivened and optimistic about my ability to create more vibrancy in my life.
— Dorien Israel, Thailand

WOW — well named! The speakers I was able to listen to blew me away with their knowledge and generosity.
— Lorraine R., U.S.

I truly enjoyed the informative summit. It was a wonderful experience to hear so many speakers talk about health, life, journeys, and struggles. It is a true gift to be able to have all of this information at my fingertips. Thank you so much.
— Devon

Here’s what You’ll Receive:

The Optimal Wellness Collection 2019

Downloadable MP3 Recordings of EVERY session in the 2019 Winter of Wellness series
PDF Transcripts of each session – to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, highlight & more!
BONUS PACKAGE of 10 exclusive teachings, including a complete Shift Network 7-module course with Dawson Church and much more
Package Value: $500

Now Only $247


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